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A knowledge of stucco plastering has been in the Hunsaker family for almost 100 years.  It started in the 1920's when Reuel Hunsaker started a stucco plastering business in Utah as a means to support his family.  He taught himself the stucco plastering trade and his business became one of the largest of its kind in the area.  His company  built many prominent structures such as the Hotel Utah.  The successful business continued to be managed by Reuel's family until the 1970's. 

In 1983, Reuel's grandson, Garrick Hunsaker, who was 13 at the time, got involved in the stucco business when a former employee of his grandpa's invited Garrick to work for him.  This was the beginning of Garrick's plaster knowledge and continued as he went on to learn the commercial aspects of the trade while working for Daw, Inc, starting in 1991. 


In 2000, Garrick began working for WCI as their exterior finishes division manager managing many high profile jobs.  In 2006, Garrick ventured out on his own and started Hunsaker Exteriors, which specializes in commercial exterior veneer finishes including stucco, EIFS, cement siding, cast stone and thin brick installation.  Garrick’s father also learned the stucco trade in his youth and later worked with Garrick at Hunsaker Exteriors until his passing in 2008.  Hunsaker Exteriors has grown over the years and is now one of the leading exterior finish companies in the State. 


Reuel Hunsaker shown on the left
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